How to create photo editor a ghost mannequin in Photoshop: the step-by-step tutorial.

Gost Mannequin or Neck joint service is commonly known as ghost mannequin service in the image editing world. For creating 2D or 3D shapes of various garment items, the plastic mannequin is used instead of the human figure. For example- a shirt, pants, jackets and other garment items. Basically, it is a photo editing technique that is done in Adobe Photoshop.

At first, open your photoshop program. It doesn’t require any special version like Adobe photoshop cs6 or Adobe photoshop cc 2019. you can use any version of photoshop.

After opening your Photo editor front part, create a new path layer. And, select pen tool from the left side tool panel.

Start creating outline around the path and complete the outline Creation.

After completing the outline creation task, select make a selection. You will find, just after right click in the path layer. Finaly you got the complete product selectiion.

Now, Create a new layer with photos. You can do it simply press (Ctrl+J) for windows.

You can select your color from the color palette.

It is time to open the neck part in photoshop. After that, select the neck area. You can do this using the rectangular marquee tool. Copy the neck area. You can press [ctrl+c] (for windows).

Paste the neck part between the top layer and colour fill layer.

Match the neck part perfectly with the front part. Then, copy path 1 and overlap it with the neck part. Now, overlap path 1 copy around with the neck part.

Now: Click the right button of the mouse in path 1 copy layer to make a selection . Keep feather radios 0.5 and press ok. Make selection inverse. For windows, you can press (Shift+Ctrl+I) shortcut key.

Right Now: Press the delete button.

Make a new adjustment layer using curves decrease the center point for neck part little bit darker.

Now your ghost mannequin effect is ready.

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